Reasons to Love Virtual Group Fitness — and a CHALLENGE!

We knew that Coastal Fitness members needed more. More options, more flexibility, more group fitness! Coastal Fitness is currently offering all of your Les Mills favorites in a virtual format: SPRINT, SH’BAM, BODYPUMP, BODYCOMBAT, GRIT, and CXWORX. This is the same proven Les Mills quality that you love and trust, just MORE!

In-person instructors are the gold standard for fitness motivation, technique, and safety. And CF instructors are the best in Ocean City! Virtual fitness can never and will never replace our fabulous in-person classes, but can serve as an adjunct to what we already offer.

Virtual classes are not the recorded workouts of the past–although, who among us didn’t once love a Jane Fonda workout tape? Still, with virtual classes, you have access to all of the equipment and space you need to get a killer workout, with room for friends to join, of course! There is something about having to get out of the house and into the world – away from the couch that is calling your name – that holds you accountable. Because, when your workout heats up and the going gets tough, it is much easier to throw in the towel in the comfort of your own home.

A schedule can really work to your advantage. At-home workouts are sometimes a little too convenient. Ever notice that the hours seem to slip by as you fold the laundry and unload the dishwasher? Suddenly, it’s time for bed and you’ve done everything except workout! Virtual classes are exactly like live classes at Coastal Fitness, meaning that they run on a schedule. You still need to be at the club, at a particular time, ready to work. However, with virtual, we have more leeway with planning the frequency, style, and timing of the classes to accommodate different preferences–early morning, nights, weekends, whatever you need!

You may get a better workout in a group setting. Working out with other people creates a little friendly competition–you will push yourself harder with other people around. And, honestly, working out with other people is just plain fun! As fitness fanatics ourselves, we know that community thrives in group classes. It’s one of the very best ways to meet new people that are like-minded and enjoy the same hobbies. You need not sacrifice comradery with the addition of virtual group fitness because the whole gang is welcome. You will form real friendships when you take classes together, day after day.

We love virtual group fitness, and in July we are encouraging you to get in on the action with our Group Fit Blitz virtual challenge! Pick up your game card at the Member Service Desk. Collect all of your classes in 30 days, and you will be entered into our raffle for a chance to earn a grand prize: a one hour massage. Post a picture of your workout with the tag #CFgroupfitblitz for additional entries. The challenge starts July 1st!