Healthy Holiday Survival Tips

The holiday season is well underway, and we know you’re busy with holiday parties, baking, shopping, decorating and more. With so much going on, it can be hard to keep up with your active, healthy lifestyle. We want to share a few little tips to keep you feeling great come January 1st, without sacrificing all of your holiday fun!


Plan for it. When you’re trying to stay active while juggling a million other things, planning ahead is key. Take a few minutes on Sunday to look at your schedule and plan your workouts for the week. Of course, your schedule may change, so be ready with a fully packed gym bag in the car at all times. You never know when an extra hour may pop up. When you have sneakers, a workout outfit, your headphones, and maybe your toiletries bag in the car, you’re all set to squeeze in a workout.

Stock up on snacks. There is temptation around every corner this time of year, from the cheese platter at a party to the box of candy in the break room at work. Keep your own healthy snacks stashed in your purse, in your desk, in your glove compartment, everywhere! If you find yourself thinking about diving head first into a cookie tray, reach for your healthy snack and a glass of water first. Then, if you’re still in the mood for a treat, enjoy it. Bonus tip – Grab the treat to go! When you grab it as you’re walking out the door, you eliminate the option of going back for more.

Don’t forget about self-care. We get it, you’re busy and those gifts aren’t going to wrap themselves. But you can’t have fun or make healthy choices if you’re burnt out all month. Shut down your computer early, set your phone aside, and actually read that book that you’ve been meaning to get to. Take a bath and listen to Christmas music, or sit down and watch your favorite holiday movie (without one eye on email). When things get hectic, self-care is often the first thing to go. It’s important to remember that you need self-care the most when you have a full schedule, and a consistent self-care practice can help you stay on track with your other health goals.

Go for the real deal. There are endless tips for trying to make lighter and cleaner versions of traditional holiday foods. This can be counterproductive if you feel justified in eating an entire tray of “healthier” cookies instead of enjoying one or two regular cookies. We’re all for cooking with fresh, high-quality ingredients, but don’t sacrifice taste and satisfaction. Remember, there are no “bad” foods, just bad portions!

Ditch the stress. The most important tip we can give you to stay healthy during the holidays is to avoid stressing out and enjoy yourself. For you, that may mean letting go of sending the perfect holiday card or finding just the right gift for everyone you know. It may mean refusing to feel obligated to go to every holiday party and event. It may even mean adding some extra yoga to your routine – our personal favorite!


How do you prioritize health during a busy holiday season? We hope you found these tips helpful and look forward to enjoying the season with you at Coastal Fitness.