First Day Gym Guide

Every single person has a first day at the gym, and most of us have more than one. We understand that a new gym can feel intimidating. So, we put together a guide so that anyone can get a great workout on their first day at Coastal Fitness and keep coming back.

Aim for the right level of intensity

Finding the right level of intensity is key to preventing injury and maintaining your momentum. Your first few weeks are about getting your feet wet and forming a consistent habit. Your workout should be challenging and maybe a bit uncomfortable at times. But it should not painful! Our recommendation is to keep one rest day between your first and second workout. If you don’t need the rest day, you can probably turn up your intensity a bit. If you need more than one rest day or struggle to get through three workouts in a week, tone it down for now. Resist the temptation to do too much too soon, because you cannot achieve results if you burn yourself out on the first day!

Get some advice

If this is your first time using fitness equipment, it will be well worth your time to book your complimentary personal training session. It is very possible to hurt yourself by performing movements improperly. Trainers provide motivation, accountability and are ready and willing to create workouts for members of all ages and experiences. You will also get a better sense of where you’re starting, learn safe and effective techniques from a trusted source, and reach your goals more quickly with efficient movements. You should consider training specifically if you have any history of injury or illness that may change the way you should work out.

Take a class

Classes are a great place for a new member to start because they offer guidance and structure to your first workouts. You don’t need to reach a certain level of fitness to take any class, but some classes may feel more comfortable for a new member. Talk to your membership advisor about which specific classes and instructors would be a good fit for you. Consider a cycle class! The instructor will cue you for speed and resistance throughout the class, but you are in total control of your bike. No one else can see your resistance, so you can adjust in order to maintain speed. Cycle instructors can also help set up the bike for your body for a safer and more comfortable ride.

Come in with a plan

If you prefer to do your own thing, we recommend that you write down exactly what you want to do and bring it with you. With a plan in hand, you can walk in with confidence and waste no time before getting in a good workout. We also recommend that you keep your first workouts pretty simple. Here are a couple of our favorite beginner’s workouts for the elliptical, the treadmill, and some strength training (you likely won’t need a spotter with dumbells). We also recommend that you start with a warm-up–both because it is important to prepare the body for exercise and because you can glance around to get a sense of where all the equipment is located.

Leave judgment at the door

Most people rarely notice other people while they workout. Everyone is in the gym for the exact same reason and everyone started somewhere. No one else has any reason to judge you, and you definitely should not judge yourself. You’ll enjoy the journey more if you accept yourself as you are today. Should you run into any issues, do not be afraid to ask. All employees are there to help, and most members are very friendly and happy to see you there.

Congratulate your self!

When your first day at the gym is done, feel proud of the steps you have taken and continue to honor your health with proper self-care. If your first day did not feel easy, you’re doing this right! You pushed yourself to do something different, and that is no small achievement. Honor your body with proper recovery: eat well, drink water, and get a good night’s sleep. We will see you at Coastal FItness!