Top Ten Reasons Not To Wear a Fitness Tracker

Sometimes it seems like everyone is wearing a fitness tracker. You see those ubiquitous bands on every wrist, and their owners are constantly yammering on about their steps and their sleep quality. They’re always sharing their fitness app screen caps on social media, passive-aggressively asking for virtual pats on the back. But does anyone really … Continued

Is Sleep Loss Making You Overweight?

New Research Suggests That Lack Of Shut-Eye May Trigger Your Body To Crave Extra Calories Besides being groggy and moody — among a list of other downfalls — sleep deprivation may also be making us overweight. According to a recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, lack of sleep may cause … Continued

Why I May Love Indo Yoga Board

You know that super shaky feeling you get in a challenging Yoga pose? Or remember, the first time you stood up on a skateboard or surfboard and were kind of blown away by how difficult it was? That may be your experience when you step on a Indo Yoga Board for the first time as … Continued

New Schwinn Bike Echelon Console; Tips for Riders

Love the new Schwinn Bikes, but not quite sure how to use the new Echelon Consoles? Visit the link below and unlock the most state of the art technology the cycle world has to offer.

Should You Workout When You’re Sick or Injured?

As  the end of January nears and youre  feeling half way decent about keeping up with those new year’s resolutions, the last thing you need or expect  is to get sick or injured. But it happens. It happens to the best of us, whether it fits conveniently into all our best laid plans or not. … Continued


HOW TO EAT FOR THE SEASON: WINTER To start  the year, skew your diet towards foods that stave off sickness and stoke your metabolism. Wendy Schmid Why do we crave light, fresh salads in Springtime, refreshing fruits and high-energy carbs in Summer, and heartier, fattier fare in the Fall and Winter? There are greater things at work … Continued

The Only Training Calendar You Need

THE ONLY TRAINING CALENDAR YOU NEED Putting yourself on a periodized, 12-month training plan could set you up for success all year long.  Lindsey Emery Most of us decide what our workouts are going to be on a daily and/or weekly basis, taking whatever classes sound interesting or squeezing in whatever solo sessions our schedules … Continued

5 Minute Fitness

Earlier this week, the New York Times reported that “Running 5 Minutes a Day Has Long-Lasting Benefits.” Since then, a frenzy of news reports have suggested that perhaps 5 minutes of exercise a day is all you need. But is that actually true? The New York Times story was based on a new study—published in the Journal of the American … Continued