Bounce Back After Vacation

Ahh, vacation. A time to rest, relax and reap the rewards of the hard work you put in all year long. But the last thing you want is to come back feeling like you need a vacation from the vacation you just had. So how can you bounce back into your routine without burning yourself out again? Here are a few tips!

Drink. Water.

You knew this one was coming! Seriously, you can’t be too hydrated after travel. You’ve probably been out in the sun, eating more sodium, drinking alcohol, and definitely not getting enough water during plane rides and long car trips. And more power to you! But now it’s time to give your body a hand by drinking plenty of water.

Clean Out Your Fridge

It’s a bit more difficult to get excited about a healthy eating routine when your fridge is in a state of chaos. Maybe you took the time to get rid of old food before you left, but we recommend a deep clean: scrub the shelves, reorganize every drawer and corner, and check all expiration dates. As healthy food fanatics, sometimes we collect different odds and ends, like, for example, a bunch of bottled salad dressings. Be ruthless in chucking items you will never use. Then hit the grocery store and prepare for a week back in your real life!

Focus on the Good

Vacation often comes with water retention. But we don’t support crash dieting, even after an indulgent trip. Instead, we focus on what makes us feel our best: fresh produce and lean protein. Fill up your plate with nourishing, healthy foods, and then just try to make sensible (but never restrictive) choices. You will feel instantly better, and in two weeks you will have a healthy lifestyle you can actually sustain.

Jump Back into Workouts

As soon as possible, shake off the kinks and cramps from your long hours of travel and get to a workout. The first day back in the gym may feel a little sluggish, but don’t fear that you’ve lost strength or cardiovascular fitness. You’re very likely just tired, dehydrated, and slightly out of habit. You can always outsource some motivation by booking a class or a personal training session. But please, under no uncertain circumstances, DO NOT try to “make up” for a vacation in the gym. This isn’t necessary and is more likely to result in burnout and injury than meaningful fitness progress.

Cling to Your Zen

Getting back to real life after vacation can feel a bit overwhelming. When you’re staring down the barrel of a full email inbox, it’s easy to get sucked right back in. But to avoid unraveling all the relaxation you just created, set aside time to tap in and get mindful. Also, getting enough sleep is a very important part of feeling good and keeping stress at bay. Don’t let the catch-up creep into your resting hours. Think of this as day one in a more balanced lifestyle.

We’ve missed you at Coastal Fitness while you have been traveling! Stop by and tell us how you like to bounce back after a fun vacation.